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Our Comics

Sun and Moon light the way forward, the doorway stands solitary, promising adventure for all who fall in the Monoliths shadow...

Here is where you will find the treasure trove of comics we have worked on, be ready to step into ancient worlds and untold places...


The Crossing

The Crossing is a graphic novel illustrated by Louis Williams and written by Tom Wilkins.

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The Salmon Run

A Short comic illustrated by Louis Williams and Written by Tom Wilkins 


The Fall of Hardflint Hall

Together with TTRPG writer Josh Parry, Monolith have made a short prequel supplement comic for the 5th Edition module "Shadow Under Hardflint Hall".


Gallowyls Trials 

A short prequel comic to the Crossing, depicting events that transpire during the age of the Gods, following the hero Gallowyl as he carries out his pact with the Raven god.

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