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Forty thousand years ago, two stone age hunters braved
the lands of frozen Britain, seeking answers from their
gods. They told tales of war and death, love, and betrayal.
They spoke of Gods long dead, and of futures yet to pass.
Hear their stories, now, and witness their crossing.

The Crossing: Quote

The Crossing.
The first project we have undertaken as comic book creators. Its a hugely ambitious project that consists of five issues or chapters depicting a story following Eigdemos, an older shaman of his tribe and Labos, a young, charismatic hunter and their path to create a new God.


The world of the Crossing is our own, but far, far back in primordial times, when the world is still young, and the wounds of its creation by the Gods still fresh. The Crossing explores the mythology of this world through spoken story, the tale of the Gods coming to our world and the creation of everything, Eigdemos being the story teller who is passing this wisdom on.


This story is a labour of love and we hope that you can be swept up in this anceint and magical world as much as we have while making it.

The Crossing: Work
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