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About Monolith Comics

About Us: Welcome

Who are these guys anyway?

Excellent question! We’re Monolith Comics - a creative partnership between writer Tom Wilkins and illustrator Louis Williams, based somewhere between Oxford and Swindon. We create comic books with a dash of mythology mixed in.

The idea behind Monolith spun out of our first collaboration in 2021, with a graphic novel titled The Crossing. Since then, we’ve collaborated with JVC Parry to produce tie-in comics for his D&D adventures, published our own tie-in for The Crossing, and begun work on an exciting webcomic project. 

We love telling stories that mix fantasy, history, and mythology, into comics that look like a weird amalgamation of each.

About Us: Text

Well yeah… but specifically?

About Us: Text
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I’m the writer here at Monolith Comics, and I’ve loved storytelling for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a kid, I've found myself drawn to books - I even wrote a few back then that will never see the light of day! As I got older, my love for stories mixed, quite aptly, with my love of mythology - they were, after all, some of the first stories we told around the campfire at night. 

It was almost inevitable that I would write The Crossing - a comic book about a storyteller teaching another member of his tribe the history of their gods and people. It was the culmination of the kind of stories I had been writing for the last few years - the number of short stories I have written about an old person teaching a younger person about something or other is staggering. 

I cannot wait to show you everything else we’ve been working on, so stick around, and you might read something good.

About Us: About Me

Hi, I’m Louis, the illustrator, letterer, and creative backbone of Monolith (he wouldn't ever actually admit this but I’m the one writing the website, so he doesnt get a choice - Tom) 

Surprisingly enough, although I believe storytelling is the greatest human form of expression, the story of how I got to where I am today isn't particularly interesting.  

I was a kid who loved to draw. Not because I thought I was good at it, but because the endless expanse of fantastical worlds and far-off kingdoms had so much more to offer than the real world.  

As for how I "trained" my artistic skill - I didn't really. Everything I learned, I learned from seeing something that inspired me and just sitting down and drawing. There are endless stories to be told and I would love nothing better than to depict them through my inks and pencils for the rest of my life

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About Us: About Me


Want to hire us? Collaborate? Invite us on a podcast? Or even just ask us a burning question about one of our comics? You can do that right here! 

Reach out directly by emailing, or use the contact form. 

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About Us: Contact

@Louiswilliamsart on Instagram

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